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Human Development Report

ERR News: Estonia unable to maintain population size without immigration

ERR news 1.60.2017 Estonian will not be able to maintain its population size without immigration, according to the fresh Human Development Report, which fund that if high rates of emigration continue and birth rates remain low, Estonia's population could shrink to below 800,000 by the end of the 21st century.

New year activities of Assembly of Cooperation

In 2017, we shall continue to work on the "Pension 2050" program, on administration of the civil initiative web platform, on a large-scale awareness-building effort. As well, we are going to release a report on the development of human potential in relation to...

Human Development Report 2014/2015 is available in English

The Human Development Report 2014/2015 is now also available also in English from here. Also, it is possible to order a printed version (only in Estonian) from here. The Human Development Report has been issued from 2006 by the Estonian Cooperation Assembly and...

25% feel excluded: Estonian Human Development Report

Äripäev, Toomas Hõbemägi Estonia will today unveil its new human development report whose key finding is that in the last ten years, the share of population who feel excluded from the society has not decreased. Other conclusions include that the nation lacks economic...

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