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Citizen Initiative Portal news

New year activities of Assembly of Cooperation

In 2017, we shall continue to work on the "Pension 2050" program, on administration of the civil initiative web platform, on a large-scale awareness-building effort. As well, we are going to release a report on the development of human potential in relation to...

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Invite the Citizen Initiative Portal to visit you!

The publication of the Citizen Initiative Portal has been recognised as the greatest achievement of the Open Governance Partnership Action Plan for 2014-2016 in the field of open policy-making. To date, we have sent over 7,000 digital signatures to the Estonian...

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Summary of the Open Governance workshop (31.5 and 1.06.2016)

Estonian Cooperation Assembly together with the Open Estonia Foundation and the team of CitizenOS.com organised a two-day workshop on open governance and public decision-making in 2025. On the first day more general presentations and discussions were held about the...

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