Pension 2050 news

The people´s assembly and vision of future aging

Current situation People hope that their income during retirement will be 70-90% of their salary. However, the national pension system cannot provide more than 35-40 percent in the future. In Estonia among the population aged 65 and older 18% of people are actively...

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#SELFIE2050, or a deliberately planned retirement

Liisi Uder Müürileht Public understanding of pension changes with their work, which in the future, more than ever before, will be based on personal responsibility, self-realisation needs and on lifelong learning and career models. I am parting my hair down the middle...

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New year activities of Assembly of Cooperation

In 2017, we shall continue to work on the "Pension 2050" program, on administration of the civil initiative web platform, on a large-scale awareness-building effort. As well, we are going to release a report on the development of human potential in relation to...

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Pension 2050 programme first half-year is over

The last six months have been full of substantial creativity, discussion and vision. The following is a short overview of these activities. We conducted three discussions with different focus groups to gather thoughts and opinions on the future of elderly people. The...

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